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    Clamber up the steps of this small Venetian fortress for photogenic views of the beach and the dramatic diagonal stratification of the limestone cliffs melting into the turquoise water below. An interesting socialist-realist bas-relief remembering the ‘socialist revolution’ is partly obscured in the foliage. The entrance is by the small Petrovac harbour.

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    Sveta Nedjelja Island

    The small church on this islet is said to have been built in gratitude by a Greek sailor who was shipwrecked here. The current church replaces one destroyed in the 1979 earthquake. Local lore has it that ringing the church bell will bring health and happiness.

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    Katič Island

    One of two islets directly in front of the town beach, Katič can be visited via kayak or by hopping aboard a tourist boat; have a word to any of the chaps in the small harbour about getting a ride across. There's a small cave to explore.

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    Roman Mosaics

    Apart from the beaches, Petrovac’s most interesting attraction is also its least heralded. In 1902, the foundations of a Roman building complete with mosaics, probably dating from the 4th century, were discovered in an olive grove and here they remain in a precarious state of preservation. A glass shed covers a section of mosaic roughly 10m by 15m; it’s invariably locked but you can peer through the windows. Around the shed, extensive brick foundations can be seen.

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    Elijah’s Church

    Dedicated to the Old Testament prophet Elijah, this Orthodox church dates from the 14th or 15th century. It's often open, revealing some beautiful old icons.

  • Sights in Petrovac

    Red Commune Memorial House

    Petrovac became the first communist-run municipality in the Adriatic following an electoral victory in 1919. That auspicious event is celebrated in the Red Commune Memorial House on the waterfront, which contains a modern art gallery and revolutionary museum. The latter consists mainly of photos and documents without any English captions; it doesn't get a lot of visitors these days but the bemused staff will unlock it for you upon request.