Mother Theresa statue


Aptly located at Ulcinj's medical clinic is a statue of Mother Theresa, the most famous Albanian of recent years (although she was actually born in North Macedonia). The statue receives dozen of floral bouquets daily.

Adjacent to it is a commemorative plaque reading 'In gratitude to the people of Ulcinj for the humanity, solidarity and hospitality they have shown in sheltering and taking care of the persecuted from Kosova during the period March ‘98 to June ‘99 – Grateful Kosovars’.

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2. Mezjah Mosque

0.57 MILES

Set back slightly from the road, the 1728 Mezjah Mosque is Ulcinj’s main Islamic place of worship. Inside there's a sloping floor and wooden mezzanine.

3. Lamit Mosque

0.64 MILES

Lamit Mosque dates from 1689 but was substantially rebuilt after the 1979 earthquake. The ceiling has interesting green-painted geometric wood panelling.

4. Ladies' Beach

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6. Liberty Monument

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On the cliff above Mala Plaža, this imposing monument is a lovely piece of socialist art that’s now neglected and covered in graffiti. Its two V-shaped…

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