Western Mongolia

This metal watchtower on the western shore of Khar Us Nuur has been set up for viewing birdlife in the surrounding reed islands.

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1. Chinggis Khaan's Wall

8.45 MILES

This barely discernible hump running along the southwestern edge of Khar Us Nuur is thought to date back to the Kublai Khaan period, when it may have…

2. Khar Us Nuur


Khar Us Nuur (15,800 sq km, average depth 4m) is a vast marshy delta and Mongolia's third biggest lake by area, home to wild ducks, geese, wood grouse,…

3. Mankhan Nature Reserve

19.49 MILES

South of Khar Us Nuur National Park, most of this reserve (300 sq km) lies in Mankhan sum (district) and protects the endangered Mongolian saiga antelope.

4. Gandan Puntsag Choilon Khiid

20.78 MILES

Officially opened in 2010, this is the largest monastery in western Mongolia. The compound is surrounded by a wall (with a path on top) and 108 stupas…

5. Khovd Aimag Museum

21.17 MILES

This museum has the usual collection of stuffed wildlife, plus excellent ethnic costumes, Buddhist and Kazakh art and a snow leopard pelt on the wall. One…

6. Sangiin Kherem

21.35 MILES

At the northern end of the city are these crumbling ruins, built around 1762 by the Manchu (Qing dynasty) warlords who once brutally governed Mongolia…

7. Jargalant Khairkhan Uul

28.04 MILES

At 3796m above sea level, this mountain crowns a teardrop-shaped massif encircled by Khar Us, Khar and Dörgön lakes. Dara Tour can organise trekking in…