Why I love Mongolia

If you love the outdoors, you'll fall head over heels for Mongolia. I did. What's not to love about a country that's so vast, so remote, so naturally beautiful? How can you fail to adore the hiking, the horse trekking, the camping? You can't. But it's more than just that raw, physical attraction. Centuries of nomadic living have given Mongolians a natural bond with travellers. Break down in the countryside, and the... Read More

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Trans-Mongolian Express

From the Great Wall of China to the Hermitage in St Petersburg, travel halfway around the world in three incredible weeks. Board one of the world’s great trains and ride the rails on this once-in-a-lifetime trip across the grassy steppes of Mongolia and through the taiga forests of Siberia. Share train carriages with locals, overnight in a Mongolian ger and in a cozy Russian homestay. Not only does this trip provide the perfect blend of comfortable accommodations and plenty of activities, but also free time to explore this fascinating region at your own pace.

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4-Day Mongolia Gobi Desert Tour

Contrary to what most people think about the desert, the Mongolian Gobi desert is mostly vegetated, vast steppe, and home to a large number of camel herders. Due to its size and sparse habitation, it instantly brings tranquility and evokes mysteries to its visitors. During this trip,  the most highlighting components of this legendary desert will be revealed to you – Eagle Valley, Khongor sand dunes, and Bayanzag, which was home to dinosaurs many years ago.

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3-Day Lunar New Year Experience

Do you want to celebrate Mongolian Lunar New Year as a member of a Mongolian nomadic family? Mongolian Lunar New Year is one of the most important national holidays of Mongolia. The herders celebrate the new year widely with tradition of greetings with snuff bottle exchanges and arm greetings. Highlights for this tour and celebration are playing traditional games, receiving gifts just for visiting and traveling on horse. The tour is a great chance to experience Mongolian customs and winter, while traveling in a comfortable transport and staying with a nomadic family.

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5 Nights Central Mongolia Highlight Tour

You will experience beautiful scenery, fascinating historical sites and enjoy culture and fun on the way. You will be horse trekking through not only mountain steppe but also camel riding through deserts. We will then take you to the symbolic ruins of Chinggis Khaan's capital city Karakorum and visit the largest Erdene zuu monastery. Enjoy Mongolian authentic barbecue, prepared the traditional way - the meat is grilled with hot stones resulting in a great unique taste. This is a wonderful trip that enables you to experience Mongolia and collect amazing memories in a short time.

$777 History & culture

3-Day Naadam Festival Group Tour

Mongolia's Naadam Festival, a national holiday and the largest celebration in the country, draws visitors from around the world for sports tournaments and cultural activities. The 3-day festival features traditional Mongolian sports like wrestling, horse racing, and archery. You'll delight in the opening ceremony, where dozens of artists and dancers perform wearing traditional, colorful outfits. Hotel accommodations and some meals included.

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2-Night Wilderness Golf Experience in Mongolia

Play golf at Mongolia's 18-hole par-72 international-standard golf course, the Mt. Bogd Golf Club, on this 2-night experience in Ulaanbaatar. With a lush green setting, the acclaimed golf course is located 8 miles (13 km) southeast of the city in the valley of Bogd Khaan Mountain. Enjoy the fresh mountain air of the Mongolian wilderness, see the sights of Ulaanbaatar, and visit the Genghis Khan Statue. Accommodation, round-trip transfers between the hotel and golf course, most meals, and 18 holes at Mt. Bogd Golf Club are included.