Army Museum


Occupying one end of the Centre of Culture and Military History, this once-musty museum now hosts a moving exhibit on Soviet-era repression. Stories of Red Terror, forced famines, mass deportations and gulag slave labour are told through photographs, videos, newspaper clippings and dioramas. While little is in English, the museum nevertheless gives you a good sense of the horrific scale of the crimes perpetrated by Lenin and Stalin.

There are eerie interrogation rooms and the items on display include Soviet propaganda posters and Cheka and NKVD uniforms. Be aware that some of the videos are quite graphic and disturbing.

Do note that the displays dedicated to Soviet crimes between the world wars pertain to events that happened outside of Moldova, as Moldova was not part of the Soviet Union then. Those interested in Soviet crimes against humanity should also check out the Repression Memorial near the train station.

The Army Museum also has dated displays of Moldova's past military campaigns and, in a park outside, a small open-air military exhibition with Soviet-made tanks, fighter planes and other military toys inherited by Moldova's armed forces.

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