Orheiul Vechi Exhibition Centre


Near the bridge over the Răut River, this inconspicuous building houses a museum with objects recovered during archaeological digs around Orheiul Vechi, and also sells a handy English-language map and guide (40 lei) of the Orheiul Vechi complex. The price also includes admission to the small ethnographic museum (house no 15) in Butuceni village proper.

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1. Orheiul Vechi

0.36 MILES

The archaeological and ecclesiastical complex at Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei), about 50km north of Chişinău, is an important historical site and a place of…

2. Cave Monastery

0.38 MILES

The most impressive sight at Orheiul Vechi is the Cave Monastery, built inside a cliff high above the gently meandering Răut river. It is marked by a…

3. Pushkin Museum

20.01 MILES

This is where Russia's national poet Alexander Pushkin (1799–1837) spent three years exiled between 1820 and 1823. You can view his tiny cottage, filled…

5. Tipova Cave Monastery

20.43 MILES

The fantastic Tipova Cave Monastery is built into cliffs that tower some 200m above the Dniestr River's right (west) bank, in the tiny village of Tipova…

6. Parcul Catedralei

20.46 MILES

Dab in the middle of Chişinău, this park is popular with families and canoodling teenagers on benches, and makes for great strolling. The highlight is the…

7. Parliament House

20.46 MILES

Facing Grădina Publică Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfînt is Parliament House, where Parliament convenes.

8. Statue of Ştefan cel Mare

20.5 MILES

Ştefan was Moldavia's greatest medieval prince and ubiquitous symbol of Moldova's brave past. His 1928 statue lords over the entrances to Parcul…