Palacio de Gobierno


Built in 1892, the Palacio de Gobierno houses the state of Yucatán’s executive government offices (and a tourist office). Don't miss the wonderful murals and oil paintings by local artist Fernando Castro Pacheco housed in a magnificent sala (hall). Completed in the late 1970s, they portray a symbolic history of the Maya and their interaction with the Spaniards and give excellent context to any trip around the region.

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1. Catedral de San Ildefonso

0.03 MILES

On the site of a former Maya temple is Mérida’s hulking, severe cathedral, begun in 1561 and completed in 1598. Some of the stone from the Maya temple was…

2. Plaza Grande

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One of the nicest plazas in Mexico, huge laurel trees shade the park’s benches and wide sidewalks. It was the religious and social center of ancient T’ho;…

3. Museo Fernando García Ponce-Macay

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Attempts to create a modern exterior for Mérida's municipal cultural center were halted by government in order to preserve the colonial character of the…

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Originally built in 1542, the Palacio Municipal was twice refurbished, in the 1730s and the 1850s.

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Casa de Montejo is on the south side of Plaza Grande and dates from 1540. It originally housed soldiers, but was soon converted into a mansion that served…

8. Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

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