Cascada de Tzaráracua

Inland Michoacán

Some 12km south of central Uruapan, the wild Río Cupatitzio makes its last act count. It pumps hard over the vine-covered, 30m-high red-rock cliffs and crashes into a misty pool forming Tzaráracua waterfall. A meandering hike down the 557 slippery steps leads to the falls framed in foliage, or you can mount a horse (M$150 round-trip with a 30-minute wait at the falls).

There are a couple of zip-lines. One shoots you over the forest canopy, while a separate operator offers short 'flights' over the pool in front of the falls (M$50 to M$150). An arched stone bridge leads to the best viewing point, or ride in the little airborne cart (M$10) suspended about it.

Hourly buses to Tzaráracua (M$8) depart from in front of the Hotel Regis on the south side of Uruapan’s main plaza. A round-trip with a taxi will cost from M$120 with a wait.

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