Museo Arqueológico de Comitán

Top choice in Chiapas

Although this excellent museum is very small it's crammed with treasures from the area’s many archaeological sites (Spanish signage only). It's arranged in chronological order and is a great way to learn about Maya culture and history. Despite all the beautiful artistic items from across the ages, the highlights for most people are the misshapen pre-Hispanic skulls on display – deliberately ‘beautified’ by squeezing infants’ heads between boards. Going to the dentist will never seem quite so bad again…

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1. Centro Cultural Rosario Castellanos

0.05 MILES

The Centro Cultural Rosario Castellanos started life in the 16th century as a set of monastic buildings. Since then it's been both a government building…

2. Iglesia de Santo Domingo

0.07 MILES

On the plaza, the pretty apricot-yellow Iglesia de Santo Domingo dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, and sports unusual and handsome blind arcading…

3. Mercado

0.08 MILES

Just north of the central plaza, Comitán's market is a good place to hunt for cheap eats and photo ops.

4. Main Plaza


Flanked by grand buildings, this pretty plaza has modern sculpture pieces and manicured mature flat-topped trees where birds flock and chirp in the…

5. Casa Museo Dr Belisario Domínguez

0.15 MILES

Just south of the main plaza, the renovated Casa Museo Dr Belisario Domínguez is the family home of Comitán’s biggest hero (and won't you know it) and the…

6. Tenam Puente Maya Ruins

7.92 MILES

These sprawling Maya ruins feature three ball courts, a 20m tiered pyramid and other structures rising from a wooded hillside. Tenam Puente was one of a…

7. El Chiflón

9.64 MILES

These mighty waterfalls tumble 120m off the edge of an escarpment 20km southwest of Comitán. In a region with a surfeit of impressive waterfalls, these…

8. Religious Art Museum

19.65 MILES

The chapel at the Parador-Museo Santa María is a religious art museum with an interesting array of colonial-era work from Europe and the Philippines as…