Templo de la Compañía

San Luis Potosí

Built by the Jesuits in 1675 with a baroque facade.

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2. Palacio de Gobierno

0.12 MILES

The neoclassical Palacio de Gobierno was built between 1770 and 1816. Its most illustrious lodger was Benito Juárez – first in 1863 when he was fleeing…

3. Palacio Municipal

0.18 MILES

The 19th-century Palacio Municipal features powerful stone arches. Finished in 1838, it was the home of Bishop Ignacio Montes de Oca from 1892 to 1915…

4. Catedral

0.18 MILES

This impressive three-nave baroque cathedral was built between 1660 and 1730. Originally it had just one tower; the northern tower was added in the 20th…

5. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo


This museum is housed in the city's former post office. These days the brilliantly transformed space houses temporary art exhibitions that change every…

6. Museo Othóniano

0.24 MILES

Behind the cathedral, this museum is the birthplace of much-celebrated Mexican poet, Manuel José Othón (1858–1906). The 19th-century home is furnished in…

8. Templo de San Francisco

0.25 MILES

The altar of the 17th- and 18th-century Templo de San Francisco was remodeled in the 20th century, but the sacristy (the priest's dressing room), reached…