Casa Museo Amado Nervo

Central Pacific Coast

Celebrates the life of the preeminent 19th-century Mexican poet Amado Nervo, born here in 1870.

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1. Museo de los Cinco Pueblos

0.19 MILES

This museum displays contemporary popular art of Nayarit’s Huichol, Cora, Tepehuano, Mexicanero and mestizo peoples, including clothing, yarn art, weaving…

2. Museo Regional de Nayarit


Inside an impressive magenta palacio (palace), the regional museum features Huichol and other pre-Hispanic ceramics mostly sourced from burials from…

3. Palacio de Gobierno

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South of the Plaza Principal is the Palacio de Gobierno. Look inside to see some impressive and colorful murals. Painted by José Luis Soto and finished in…

4. Cocodrilario Kiekari

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On the river, this crocodile nursery rears toothy reptiles that later get released into the wild as part of a repopulation program. There are also some…

5. Laguna Santa María del Oro

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Surrounded by forested mountains, this idyllic lake fills a volcanic crater that's over 100m deep and 2km in diameter. You can walk around the lake and in…

6. Playa Las Islitas

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The best beaches are southeast of town around Bahía de Matanchén, starting with Playa Las Islitas, 7km from San Blas. To get here, take the main road…

7. La Contaduría

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This hill is the site of San Blas' original colonial settlement. It's worth visiting for the wonderful views of the town from the top and to stroll around…

8. Playa El Borrego

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The beach closest to the town is Playa El Borrego, at the end of Azueta – look for the jet aircraft. It's a long sweep of gray sand with decent waves…