Playa San Pedrito


Around a kilometer from the main plaza, this is the closest beach to the old town, but also the dirtiest.

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Nearby Manzanillo attractions

1. Playa Las Brisas

1.01 MILES

Just across the harbor from the old town, this long stretch of sand is backed by a fast-growing zone of hotels, restaurants and bars. Buses marked 'Las…

2. Playa Azul

2.64 MILES

This 6km-long, curving strip of sand is rather steep and buffeted by Pacific surf, so it's better for sunbathing and walking than swimming. It stretches…

3. Playa La Audiencia

4.37 MILES

Playa La Audiencia, lining a gorgeous cove on the west side of Península de Santiago, has tranquil water and is popular for waterskiing and other noisy…

4. Playa Santiago

5.02 MILES

On the far side of the Península de Santiago from town, this is one of Manzanillo's cleaner beaches and part of the 8km-long Santiago Bay. Buses marked …

5. Playa Olas Altas

5.78 MILES

True to its name (Big Waves Beach), this attractive stretch of sand has lovely surfable breakers and is backed by a handful of simple beach restaurants.

6. Playa Miramar

6.63 MILES

Boasting the best surfing and bodysurfing waves in the area, the long and beautiful Playa Miramar is an ideal place to take the plunge and rent a…

7. Playa La Boquita

6.96 MILES

Playa La Boquita is a beach with calm waters at the mouth of a lagoon where fishermen lay out their nets to dry by day, and shove off by night. The beach…

8. Museo de la Sal

18.05 MILES

This museum, located in an old salt-storage barn a block behind the main plaza, traces the history of the region’s sea salt extraction and economy. All…