Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra de Manantlán

Western Central Highlands

A 1396-sq-km swath of the jungle-clad limestone mountains northwest of the city of Colima is protected by Unesco as critical habitat. It is certainly diverse, ranging in elevation from 400m to 2960m, with eight varieties of forest ecosystem – including tropical, cloud, oak and alpine. This land counts nearly 2900 varieties of plants, 336 bird species (a third of Mexico’s total), 85 amphibians and reptiles and 110 mammals, including puma, jaguar and ocelot.

The reserve boasts spectacular limestone karsts, narrow canyons and powerful waterfalls; there are 50km of downhill single-track for mountain bikers and an abundance of trekking trails. But in recent years visitor numbers have dropped off due to the presence of drug carters in the area. Seek advice from Admire Mexico, which has run eight-hour adventure trips to the reserve in the past.

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