La Paz

La Paz's waterfront, with its wide sidewalk, tiny beaches, tourist pier, benches, sculptures by local artists and unimpeded sunset views, is the city's highlight. It stretches 5.5km, from the Marina de la Paz in the south to Playa Coromuel in the north. It started getting a face-lift in 2017 that will continue in stages over a few years.

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5. Playa Balandra

10.9 MILES

The most beautiful in a series of beaches north of La Paz, Playa Balandra is an enclosed cove with shallow azure water that's great for toddlers. Kayaks…

6. Espíritu Santo

22.47 MILES

A treasure trove of shallow azure inlets and sorbet-pink cliffs, Espíritu Santo is one of La Paz’s gems. It’s part of a Unesco World Heritage site…