Sungai Lembing Museum


This fascinating museum charts the rise and fall of the 'El Dorado of the East', as Sungai Lembing was known after the Pahang Consolidated Company Limited began mining tin in the hills in 1906. Explore the history of the industry here by way of mining equipment, photographs and informative captions. The mines went bust in 1986 after global tin prices went into a catastrophic free fall the year before, transforming the town into a backwater.

The museum is located on a hill in a former residence of one of the tin mine bosses. Note the dilapidated but graceful and grand old shuttered building over the fence to your right as you face the museum which also dates to the lucrative early tin mining days. Bus 500 from the local bus station runs to Sungai Lembing (RM4, every 20 to 30 minutes, one hour). The museum is a short walk from the bus drop-off, beyond the padang.