Beserah Beach


This long beach is a lovely place to catch the sunrise and watch large crabs scuttling at high speed over the sands in the twilight. There are several accommodation options here, making it a pleasant alternative to staying in Kuantan. Take the regular bus 600 or 602 (RM2) from Kuantan's local bus station.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Kuantan attractions

1. Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah

4.05 MILES

The east coast’s most impressive and imposing mosque presides regally over the Padang. At night it’s a magical sight with its illuminated spires and…

2. Football Pitch

4.12 MILES

Watch football matches here. There are more goal posts and playing fields on the Padang.

4. Pahang Art Museum

4.14 MILES

This museum's collection is housed in an attractive colonial-era building just north of the Padang. The museum focuses on the state's culture, history and…

5. Padang

4.15 MILES

Kuantan's lovely grass padang – the sight of cricket matches during colonial days – is today largely used for football practice in the late afternoon and…

6. Sleeping Buddha Cave

16.26 MILES

The colossal Sleeping Buddha Cave at Gua Charas outside Panching is decorated with small altars to various Buddhist Bodhisattvas and leads ultimately to a…

7. Gua Charas

16.27 MILES

Located 26km north of Kuantan, the limestone karst containing Gua Charas towers high above the surrounding palm plantations. The caves owe their fame to a…

8. Turtle Sanctuary

20.8 MILES

The small but animal-friendly turtle sanctuary next to Club Med has a few basins with baby and rehabilitating green turtles, and can offer information…