Mavrovo National Park

Up a winding, tree-lined road ending in a rocky moonscape 17km southwest of Mavrovo, almost depopulated Galičnik features traditional houses along the mountainside. It's also famed for its traditional cheesemaking. The village is placid except during the Galičnik Wedding Festival. A wonderful food and accommodation option is available with one of the few local families that live here year-round, and you can hike in the surrounding area, including to Janče.

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1. Janče

1.59 MILES

Just a blip on the map, the small village of Janče is one of the few places in Mavrovo (besides the ski resort) where it's possible to get decent…

2. Sveti Jovan Bigorski Monastery

2.99 MILES

This revered 1020 Byzantine monastery is located, fittingly, up in the gods along a track of switchbacks off the Debar road, close to Janče village…

3. Vevčani

24.58 MILES

Keeping one sleepy eye on Lake Ohrid from its mountain perch, Vevčani dates to the 9th century and is a quiet rural settlement beloved by locals for its…

4. Vevčani Springs

24.77 MILES

The small mountain village of Vevčani, 14km north of Struga on Lake Ohrid, is celebrated for these natural springs, which writhe and wriggle through leafy…