Mavrovo National Park

Just a blip on the map, the small village of Janče is one of the few places in Mavrovo (besides the ski resort) where it's possible to get decent accommodation. It's a picturesque spot that scales the hillside; the views from up here are awesome, even if the village itself feels like a forgotten corner of the country. Its cluster of stone houses includes some fascinating examples of decaying rural architecture with bondruk wooden frames, packed earthen walls and creaking wooden porches.

Note that although Janče and Galičnik are very close to each other as the crow flies (6km), there is no road between the two and to visit both involves a drive of about 1½ hours looping through the national park. A picturesque walking trail connects the two villages, climbing up and over the mountain that separates the two, but some parts can be tricky to follow; if at all possible, take a GPS with you if you plan to do this walk.

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