Evangelical Lutheran Church


Hidden in a courtyard, this revamped church is home to Vilnius’ tiny Protestant community. The church dates from 1555 but displays a mixture of Gothic, baroque and Rococo elements in its architecture. Under the Soviets a concrete floor split the church into workshop and basketball court.

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1. Site of the Strashun Library

0.07 MILES

Once one of the world's largest and most important collections of rabbinical and other Judaic writing, the Strashun was looted and destroyed by the Nazis.

2. Site of Great Synagogue

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The Great Synagogue of Vilna, built in the 1630s on the site of an earlier synagogue, was destroyed by the Soviets in the 1950s, after the Nazis had a go…

3. St Nicholas Church

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Lithuania’s oldest church, this red-brick Gothic pile was built by German Christians around 1320, when the country was still pagan. From 1901 to 1939 it…

5. Church of Our Lady of the Assumption


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6. Gate to Small Ghetto

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This was once the entrance to the main Jewish quarter, which lay in the streets west of Didžioji gatvė. Today only street names like Žydų (Jews) and Gaono…

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Artefacts of Lithuanian song, stage and screen are the stars of this museum. Three centuries of notable instruments – including the pūslinė (a primitive…

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