Amber Bay

Curonian Spit National Park

At Juodkrantė’s northern end is an area around a fishing harbour known as Amber Bay (Gintaro įlanka), recalling the amber excavated in the village in three separate clusters – 2250 tonnes in all – in 1854 to 1855 and 1860. The spit is about 1.5km wide at this point and the fine stretch of forest – good for spotting elk in the early morning and evening – is among the loveliest you will find on the peninsula.

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1. Witches' Hill

1.23 MILES

A coven of wooden sculptures is gathered on a forest-clad hill in Juodkrantė, carved by Lithuanian artists over the years since 1979. At this open-air…

3. Cormorant & Heron Colony

2.42 MILES

One of Europe's largest colonies of cormorants and grey herons is amassed in the forest 1km south of Juodkrantė. Wooden steps lead from the road to a…

4. Mary Queen of Peace Church

10.61 MILES

This is that rarest of beasts: a Catholic church built during the Soviet era (it is, in fact, unique in the Baltics). Its 46.5m tower is one of the…

5. Klaipėda Castle Museum

10.64 MILES

The castle museum is spread across four exhibition spaces around Klaipėda's castle – two of these are located in atmospherically lit tunnels and deal with…

6. Baroti Gallery

10.66 MILES

This gallery is partly housed in a converted fish warehouse dating to 1819. It has a lively program of visiting art and photography exhibitions.

7. Black Ghost

10.67 MILES

If strolling near the cruise ship pier, keep an eye out for this grotesque hooded figure, clambering out of the water whilst clutching a lamp. Local…

8. Blacksmith’s Museum

10.68 MILES

This museum displays ornate forged-iron works such as ornate 19th-century stove doors and elaborate crosses salvaged from the town’s former cemetery …