Fountain of Beauty


These strongly mineral-tasting waters are reputed to restore (or preserve) beauty.

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1. Mineralinio Vandens Biuvetė

0.06 MILES

The magical powers of local mineral water can be tested at the Dzūkija Fountain, inside the Mineralinio Vandems Biuvetė, a round green building with…

2. Cultural Center

0.17 MILES

The Cultural Center plays host to beautiful classical concerts during the Čiurlionis Festival (June to September). It operates irregularly, when events…

3. Museum of Armed Resistance & Exile

0.17 MILES

A simple, two-room museum on the upper floor of the Cultural Centre tells an incredible history: the forced deportation of Lithuanians to Siberia and the…

4. MK Čiurlionis Statue

0.24 MILES

A likeness of Lithuania's most famous artist, who lived part of his life in Druskininkai.

5. Joy of All Who Sorrow Church

0.26 MILES

The tear-shaped domes of this 19th-century timber Russian Orthodox church, picked out in blue, white and gold, dominate Laisvės aikštė.

6. Druskininkai Museum

0.46 MILES

Dedicated to the history of the town and surrounding district, this lakeside museum shows artworks, old maps and documents and everyday artefacts.

7. MK Čiurlionis Memorial Museum

0.48 MILES

The life and works of Lithuania’s renowned painter-musician MK Čiurlionis are paid homage at this attractive museum in a residential neighbourhood. His…

8. Girios Aidas

1.56 MILES

Two kilometres east of town, Girios Aidas has been home to a museum and collection of pagan- and nature-themed wood carvings since 1972.