Museum of Cats


Cat-lovers will certainly want to venture out to this museum southeast of the centre to see an unusual collection of feline memorabilia, including endless displays of porcelain cats and photogenic felines on the walls. There are even a couple of live cats on the premises that shadow you as you take in the various rooms.

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1. Frenkelis Villa

0.37 MILES

To the east of the town centre stands Frenkelis Villa, built in art-nouveau style in 1908 for the then leather baron of Šiauliai. It survived WWII…

2. Sundial

0.54 MILES

A distinctive city landmark is the mammoth sundial, topped by a shining bronze statue of an archer in what has become known as ‘Sundial Sq’. It was built…

3. Bicycle Museum

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An endearing little museum devoted to vintage bicycles and Lithuanian cycling history is spread across three floors of a grim-looking tower block in…

4. SS Peter & Paul Cathedral

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Towering over Priskėlimo aikštė is the 75m spire of the Peter & Paul Cathedral, Lithuania’s second highest. It was constructed between 1595 and 1625 from…

5. Photography Museum


Special exhibitions shine a spotlight on Lithuania's contemporary photography talent, while the gallery's permanent collection features photography from…

6. St George’s Church

0.94 MILES

This attractive Catholic church has an unlikely onion dome – a reminder of its Russian origins.

7. Radio & Television Museum

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Šiauliai was home to some of Lithuania’s first amateur radio operators in the 1920s, so it’s a fitting locale for this eclectic collection of radios, TVs…

8. Hill of Crosses

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Lithuania's fabled Hill of Crosses is a symbol of defiance as much as a pilgrimage site. More than 100,000 crosses have been planted on this low hill,…