Ts'ehlanyane National Park


The country's top park features a beautiful, 56-sq-km patch of rugged wilderness, including one of Lesotho’s only stands of indigenous forest, at a high altitude of 2000m to 3000m. This underrated and underused place is about as far away from it all as you can get, and is perfect for hiking, horse riding and spotting elands.

In addition to day walks, there’s a 39km day hike or pony trek to/from Bokong Nature Reserve, covering some of Lesotho’s most dramatic terrain. Heading north from Bokong to Ts’ehlanyane is easier, as Bokong is higher; the challenging route is also better tackled by horse. Hiking guides can be arranged at Ts’ehlanyane gate (M40 within the park, M450 to Bokong) or Maliba Mountain Lodge. Book at least 24 hours ahead.

Maliba also offers community-run tours of the villages bordering Ts’ehlanyane.

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