Part of the Al Bass archaeological site, these aqueducts run parallel to the Roman road and once supplied the city with fresh water from the inland hills.

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1. Monumental Archway

0.07 MILES

This impressive archway towers over the Roman road that runs beneath it. It marked the entrance to the city and probably dates from the time of Emperor…

2. Roman Road

0.14 MILES

A Roman road stretches for about 1.6km through an impressive 20m-high monumental archway that probably dates from the time of Emperor Hadrian (2nd century…

3. Hippodrome

0.16 MILES

Part of the Al Bass archaeological site, this well-preserved Roman hippodrome was built in the 2nd century AD and once held more than 20,000 spectators. A…

4. Roman Necropolis

0.21 MILES

Part of the Al Bass archaeological site, this sizeable funerary complex has hundreds of ornate stone and marble sarcophagi as well as collective tomb…

5. Al Bass Archaeological Site

0.32 MILES

This sprawling site lies 2km east of the centre, entered off the highway. Just past the entrance is a vast funerary complex, with hundreds of ornate…

6. Al Mina Archaeological Site

0.67 MILES

Dating from the 3rd millennium BC, these atmospheric ruins cover a large area leading down to an ancient submerged harbour. Highlights include a street…

7. Roman Bathhouse

0.73 MILES

This unusually large bathhouse at the Al Mina ruins complex dates from the 2nd or 3rd century AD. You can clearly see the masses of brick columns that…

8. Mosaic Street

0.74 MILES

From the entrance of the Al Mina archaeological complex, you pass down this street paved with geometrical Roman and Byzantine mosaics, on each side of…