Deir El Qalaa

Monastery in Beit Mery & Brummana

Built over the remains of a Roman temple, this 18th-century Maronite monastery was extensively damaged during the civil war but has been fully restored. A few of the original Roman-era columns remain, one of which is built into the current building's wall. A working monastery, it is surrounded by formal gardens and has a scenic terrace.

Just before the gates of the monastery, on the left-hand side of the road, are overgrown ruins dating from the Roman and Byzantine periods. The most interesting of these is a section of Byzantine mosaic flooring; you'll find this behind the house closest to the gate.

To reach the monastery, head towards St George's Church (signposted) at the lower end of Beit Mery's main street and then continue uphill and around the bend past the modern municipality building.