Yunnanese Shophouses

Northern Laos

These atmospheric one-storey wooden houses make you feel, as you peer into their Chinese-decorated interiors, that you are no longer in Laos but already in nearby China (and somewhere from early in the last century).

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Nearby Northern Laos attractions

1. Chinese Temple

0.09 MILES

This Chinese temple, with its red roofs animated with myriad green and blue dragons, enjoys pretty views over a nearby pond crowded with old Yunnan houses.

2. Wat Keo

0.11 MILES

This modest Buddhist temple is more memorable for its petang-playing monks than its architecture.

3. Museum of Tribes

0.23 MILES

This museum gives you a chance to deepen your understanding of the ethnic peoples of Phongsali Province. It contains a wealth of cultural information on…

4. Phu Fa

0.29 MILES

For great views across town climb to the stupa-topped peak of Phu Fa (1625m); it's a punishing, tree-shaded climb of more than 400 stone steps. A ticket…

5. Market

0.31 MILES

Make a dawn visit to the earthy wet market (camera in hand) and thread through the labyrinthine collection of rickety stalls, with all manner of…

6. Ban Komean

3.15 MILES

Phongsali's famous tea village, Ban Komean, lies 14km out of town and commands stupendous valley views that sweep nearly 360 degrees when you stand on the…

7. Phu Den Din NPA

23.38 MILES

This vast area of partly unexplored, relatively pristine forest is layered across inaccessible mountains that climax at almost 2000m near the Vietnamese…