Nam Kading NPA

Central Laos

The Nam Kading (Kading River) near Paksan is undoubtedly the best way into the wilderness that is Nam Kading NPA, where confirmed animal rarities include the elephant, giant muntjac, pygmy slow loris, François' langur, douc langur, gibbon, dhole, Asiatic black bear, tiger and many bird species. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there was little or no infrastructure to accommodate those who want to visit the protected area.

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1. Limestone Forest Viewpoint

19.57 MILES

As you approach Ban Khoun Kham along Rte 8 from Rte 13, there is a sala (open-sided shelter) viewpoint between Km 32 and Km 33. Do not, whatever you do,…

2. Tat Namsanam

19.96 MILES

The impressive twin-cataract of Tat Namsanam, 3km north of Ban Khoun Kham (Ban Na Hin), is one of the main local attractions, although in the dry season,…

3. Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary

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4. Tha Bak Bomb Boats

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About 18km east of Ban Khoun Kham, Tha Bak sits near the confluence of the Nam Kading and Nam Theun. The reason to stop here is to either take photos of…