Belogorka Waterfall


The 60m Belogorka Waterfall is one of the most impressive in the Bishkek area. The surrounding valley is dominated by a sharply pointed spike of mountain nicknamed 'Black Finger', towering ahead of what was once the main shepherd's trail to the Suusamyr Valley. Following the former track past the waterfall for around an hour as it winds up and out of the valley takes you past wider, shorter falls and through some very attractive mountainscapes.

Coming from Sokuluk, the rough access road becomes impassable to cars at a small bridge just before the falls, and the nearest public transport (Marshrutka 400 from Bishkek's Osh Bazaar) at best stops 15km short in Belogorka village, with many only going as far as Tash-Bulak or Sokuluk bazaar. (From either of which, expect to pay 750-1000som each way for a taxi.) Hitching is not likely to be successful except, perhaps, on mid-summer weekends.

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