Landscape in Mount Elgon National Park, Kenya.

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Mt Elgon National Park

Western Kenya

Straddling the Ugandan border and peaking with Koitoboss (4187m), Kenya’s second-highest peak, and Uganda’s Wagagai (4321m), the slopes of Mt Elgon are a sight indeed – or at least they would be if they weren't buried under a blanket of mist and drizzle most of the time. While there are plenty of interesting wildlife and plants here, the real reason people visit Mt Elgon National Park is to stand atop the summit high above Kenya and Uganda.

With rainforest at the base, the vegetation changes as you ascend to bamboo jungle and finally alpine moorland featuring the giant groundsel and giant lobelia plants.

Common animals include buffaloes, bushbucks (both of which are usually grazing on the airstrip near Cholim gate), olive baboons, giant forest hogs and duikers. The lower forests are the habitat of the black-and-white colobus, and blue and de Brazza’s monkeys.

There are more than 240 species of bird here, including red-fronted parrots, Ross’s turacos and casqued hornbills. On the peaks you may even see a lammergeier dropping bones from the air.

It is possible to walk unescorted, but due to the odd elephant and buffalo you will need to sign a waiver to do so. We strongly recommend taking a guide. Mt Elgon Guides & Porters Association is a cooperative of guides and porters based at the Kenya Wildlife Service headquarters. Their services (per day guide/porter KSh3500/1200) can be booked through KWS.

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