Abdul-Aziz Baba Mausoleum


The occupant of the three-domed Abdul-Aziz Baba Mausoleum is believed to have been a leader of the Arabic forces that brought Islam to the Sayram area in AD 766. Pilgrims come here for help in averting the ‘evil eye’.

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1. Karashash-Ana Mausoleum

0.41 MILES

The 13th-century Karashash-Ana Mausoleum is where Akhmed Yasaui’s mother lies beneath the central tombstone.

3. Kydyra Minaret

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Rising about 15m high, this circular, brick-built minaret likely dates from the 10th century. You can climb up inside to view the Aksu-Zhabagly mountains…

4. Central or Upper Bazaar

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The central bazaar is now somewhat diminished after the conversion of its outlying sprawl into parks and the removal of many traders to markets on the…

5. Wedding Palace

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The squat, blue-domed Wedding Palace is a useful landmark.

6. Tauelsizdik sayabagy

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Tauelsizdik sayabagy, accessed by footbridge from the tall, Mother Earth–topped Independence Monument, was inaugurated in 2011 for the 20th anniversary of…

7. Independence Monument

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This monument consists of a tall, red granite column topped with the figure of Mother Earth.

8. Altyn Shanyrak

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The tall Altyn Shanyrak monument in the middle of Independence Park – a sort of tall, metallic funnel – represents the central roof opening of a yurt.