Baptism Site of Jesus Christ


A covered walking trail meanders past ancient steps down to the original water level and the sparse archeological remains of 5th-century Byzantine churches – a few mosaics are all that's left today. Further along, a golden-roofed Greek Orthodox church stands near a wooden platform that leads to the murky Jordan River, which here is little more than a creek lined with reeds. Despite signs warning against getting baptised in the river or even getting close to it, you'll see Christian pilgrims doing exactly that.

Tickets include a compulsory shuttle bus ride (departs every 30 minutes) and a one-hour guided tour (available in seven languages).This is the only place where civilians can currently touch the Jordan River in Jordan, as the remainder runs through a military no-man’s land. Across the river is the Israeli-run complex of Qasr Al Yahud in the Palestinian Territories, which is usually much busier than the Jordanian side.