Street of Facades

The Ancient City

From the Treasury, the passage broadens into what is commonly referred to as the Outer Siq. Riddling the walls of the Outer Siq are more than 40 tombs and houses built by the Nabataeans in a ‘crow step’ style reminiscent of Assyrian architecture. Colloquially known as the Street of Facades, they are easily accessible, unlike many tombs in Petra.

A couple of tombs are worth exploring here. The first tomb (number 67) is unusual in that it has a funeral chamber in the upper storey. The low entryway highlights how the valley floor has risen over the centuries thanks to the debris washed down during flash floods. Nearby, tomb 70 is unusual in that it is freestanding, with a ziggurat-style top that makes it look like a miniature fort.

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Nearby The Ancient City attractions

1. Theatre

0.06 MILES

Originally built by the Nabataeans (not the Romans) more than 2000 years ago, the Theatre was chiselled out of rock, slicing through many caves and tombs…

2. Royal Tombs

0.09 MILES

Downhill from the Theatre, the wadi widens to create a larger thoroughfare. To the right, the great massif of Jebel Al Khubtha looms over the valley…

3. High Place of Sacrifice

0.12 MILES

The most accessible of Petra’s High Places, this well-preserved site was built atop Jebel Madbah with drains to channel the blood of sacrificial animals…

4. Urn Tomb

0.17 MILES

The most distinctive of the Royal Tombs is the Urn Tomb, recognisable by the enormous urn on top of the pediment. It was built in about AD 70 for King…

5. Obelisks

0.19 MILES

At more than 6m high, these remarkable structures are carved out of the rock face, not built upon it: looking at the negative space surrounding them, it's…

6. Broken Pediment Tomb

0.19 MILES

Erosion has left only a weathered 'keyhole' in the facade of this tomb, accessed via stone steps.

8. Silk Tomb

0.23 MILES

Next to the distinctive Urn Tomb in the Royal Tomb group is the so-called Silk Tomb, noteworthy for the stunning swirls of pink-, white- and yellow-veined…