South Decumanus


The south decumanus at Jerash once served as the Roman town's main east–west axis. At the eastern end is the modern mosque. Take the left fork from the street's western end up to what might be termed ‘Church Hill’, where a number of ancient churches lie in ruins. The path that runs between the South Theatre and the Temple of Artemis offers a good vantage point of the south decumanus' double colonnade stretching to the south.

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Nearby Jerash attractions

1. Umayyad Houses

0.04 MILES

The unassuming walls of these buildings don't look especially noteworthy, but they're interesting for adding another level of historical accretion in…

2. Roman Ruins of Jerash

0.04 MILES

The ruined city of Jerash is Jordan's largest and most interesting Roman site, and a major tourist drawcard. Its imposing ceremonial gates, colonnaded…

3. Southern Tetrapylon

0.05 MILES

Marking the intersection of the cardo maximus with the south decumanus, this four-pillared structure is in good repair.

4. Agora

0.05 MILES

On the western side of the cardo maximus is the agora, where people gathered for public meetings around the central fountain.

5. Cardo Maximus

0.06 MILES

Jerash’s superb colonnaded cardo maximus is straight in the way that only a Roman road can be. This is one of Jerash’s great highlights, and the walk…

6. Cathedral

0.08 MILES

South of the nymphaeum, an elaborate staircase rises from the cardo maximus to Jerash's only cathedral. Little more than a modest Byzantine church, it was…

7. Church of St Theodore

0.08 MILES

Little remains of this church apart from the twin colonnades (picturesquely overgrown with wildflowers in spring) and the apse, which overlooks the…

8. Courtyard of the Fountain

0.11 MILES

This ancient fountain was once fed by a local reservoir. When it was dedicated to Dionysus, it was alleged that the god would turn its water into wine,…