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One of the chief attractions on Takao-san is this temple near Takaosanguchi Station, best known for the Hi-watari Matsuri (Fire-crossing Ceremony), which takes place on the second Sunday in March. Priests walk across hot coals with bare feet in a ritual called hiwatari, amid the ceremonial blowing of conch shells. The public is also welcome to participate.

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1. Takao 599 Museum


With a wealth of natural history info on the Takao-san region, this beautifully designed museum is arranged with younger visitors in mind – display cases…

2. Musashi Mitake-jinja

12.18 MILES

Atop Mitake-san is this Shintō shrine and pilgrimage site, commanding stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and said to date back some 1200 years…

3. Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architecture Museum

16.04 MILES

This fantastic yet overlooked museum is a preserve for historic buildings rescued from around Tokyo during the city's decades-long construction jag. Among…

4. Reversible Destiny Lofts

16.65 MILES

Designed by husband and wife Arakawa Shūsaku (1936–2010) and Madeleine Gins (1941–2014) and completed in 2005, this housing complex certainly strikes…

5. Ghibli Museum

18.67 MILES

This museum is the heart of the Studio Ghibli world, a beloved (even 'adored') film studio responsible for classic, critically-acclaimed animated titles…

6. Inokashira Benzaiten

18.99 MILES

Benzaiten, one of Japan's eight lucky gods, is actually the octet's sole goddess; she's also the Japanese incarnation of the Hindi goddess Sarasvati and a…

7. Inokashira-kōen

19.17 MILES

One of Tokyo's best parks, Inokashira-kōen has a big pond in the middle flanked by woodsy strolling paths. A highlight is Inokashira Benzaiten, a shrine…

8. Harmonica-yokochō

19.28 MILES

This covered market, with low ceilings and lots of aka-chōchin (red lanterns), began as a black market in the post-war days. these days the tenants are…