Gasshō-zukuri Folk Village

Central Honshū

Over two dozen gasshō-zukuri buildings have been relocated here, although the arrangement feels contrived. Several houses are used for demonstrating regional crafts such as woodwork, straw handicrafts and ceramics (in Japanese only, reservations required). Many items are for sale. You're free to wander the grounds for a picnic, but be sure to carry your rubbish out of town.

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1. Myōzen-ji Folk Museum

0.21 MILES

Adjacent to Myōzen-ji, Ogimachi's small temple, Myōzen-ji Folk Museum displays the traditional paraphernalia of daily rural life.

2. Wada-ke

0.41 MILES

Shirakawa-gō's largest gasshō house is a designated National Treasure. It once belonged to a wealthy silk-trading family and dates back to the mid-Edo…

3. Gokayama Minzoku-kan

10.32 MILES

You can see items from traditional life and displays illustrating gunpowder production, for which the area was once famed, at this folklore museum.

4. Murakami-ke

10.83 MILES

Between Suganuma and Ainokura, in the hamlet of Kaminashi, you'll find Murakami-ke, one of the oldest gasshō houses in the region (dating from 1578). It's…

5. Ainokura Minzoku-kan

11.85 MILES

Stroll through the village to this interesting folklore museum, with displays of local crafts and paper. The museum occupies two buildings, the former…

6. Gokayama Washi-no-sato

13.69 MILES

North of Ainokura on Rte 156 you'll find this roadside attraction, which explains the art of making washi (handmade paper) and gives you the chance to try…

7. Takumikan Craft Museum

15.85 MILES

This museum dedicated to the history of Japanese carpentry and its unique methods is a must for woodworkers and design fans. In a hands-on room, you can…

8. Seto-kawa & Shirakabe-dōzō

15.94 MILES

Five minutes' walk from JR Hida-Furukawa Station, this lovely, historic canal district boasts white-walled shops, storehouses, private homes and carp…