ASPAM Building

Aomori Prefecture

The observation deck on the 13th floor of Aomori's unmissable A-shaped ASPAM Building on the rejuvenated waterfront offers stellar views over the port, and access to some cute trinket and food stalls.

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1. Nebuta no Ie Wa Rasse

0.28 MILES

Even if you miss the Nebuta festival, you can still gawk at the awesome artisanship of the floats at this well-curated museum on the waterfront. On…

2. Aomori Museum of Art


Looking like a modernist sculpture, the geometric white facade of the Aomori Museum of Art was designed to blend in with the landscape when blanketed with…

3. Sannai Maruyama

2.72 MILES

Excavation of this site turned up an astonishing number of intact artefacts from Japan's Jōmon era (10,000 to 2000 years ago), which are on display at the…

4. Hakkōda Ropeway

11.32 MILES

For anyone wanting a taste of the alpine without having to brave the steep ascent, this scenic ropeway whisks you quickly up to the summit of Tamoyachi…

5. Neputa Mura

20.74 MILES

Come here to see some of Hirosaki's huge Neputa festival lanterns and try your hand at the giant taiko (drums). There are also exhibitions of local crafts…

6. Hirosaki-jō

21.14 MILES

At the heart of Hirosaki-kōen lie the ancient remains of this castle, originally constructed in 1611. Rather tragically, only 16 years after it was built…

7. Hirosaki-kōen

21.21 MILES

Perfect for picnicking, this enormous public park has been shaped over the centuries by three castle moats, and landscaped with overhanging cherry trees …

8. Fujita Memorial Garden

21.41 MILES

The former home and garden of the wealthy Fujita family, this beautiful example of a manicured Japanese garden is the second largest in Tōhoku. Meandering…