Kayabuki Art Museum & Folk Museum


There are two historic kayabuki-yane (thatched-roof) farmhouses here: one that displays artefacts from traditional life in Miyama and another that serves as a gallery for contemporary craftwork.

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1. Kayabuki-no-sato

5.09 MILES

Miyama’s star attraction is this hamlet, home to some 50 farmhouses with traditional kayabuki-yane (thatched roofs) in the local Kyoto Kitayama style (a…

2. Bujō-ji

13.4 MILES

Bujō-ji was founded in the 12th century by Emperor Toba, and while the main hall has been repaired over the years it stands pretty much the same as it…

3. Kibune-jinja

15.44 MILES

This shrine, halfway up the valley-town of Kibune, is worth a quick look, particularly if you can ignore the unfortunate plastic horse statue at its…

4. Okuno-in Maō-den

15.62 MILES

This small hall on the trail to Kibune is a good spot to rest tired knees.

5. Sōjō-ga-dani Fudō-dō

15.74 MILES

This small subtemple on the descent to Kibune enshrines a figure of Fudō, one of the myōō (Buddhist Kings of Light).

6. Kōzan-ji

15.81 MILES

Hidden amid a grove of towering cedar trees, this temple is famous for the chuju giga scroll in its collection. It's an ink-brush depiction of frolicking…

7. Ōsugi-gongen

15.83 MILES

Named for the sugi (cryptomeria) trees that surround it, this fine little shrine is a nice place to gather your thoughts after climbing to the summit of…

8. Saimyō-ji

15.98 MILES

About five minutes' walk upstream from the base of the steps that lead to Jingo-ji, this is a fine little temple worth stopping at. The approach over a…