Amano-iwato Jinja

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Top choice in Kyūshū

One of Shintō's loveliest shrines honours the cave where the goddess Amaterasu hid. The cave itself is off-limits, but Nishi Hongū (the shrine's main building) sits right across the Iwato-gawa. Ask a staff member to show you the viewpoint behind the honden (main hall). Local 'Fureai' buses leave approximately hourly (¥300, 20 minutes) from Takachiho's Miyakō bus centre.

An approximately 10-minute walk beside a picturesque stream takes you to Ama-no-Yasukawara, a deep cave where tradition says that thousands of other deities discussed how to lure Amaterasu from the cave. Modern-day visitors have left innumerable ishizumi (stacks of stones) in tribute, imparting a sort of Indiana Jones feeling.

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Nearby Kyūshū attractions

1. Takachiho Gorge

2.92 MILES

Takachiho's magnificent gorge, with its waterfall, overhanging rocks and sheer walls, was formed over 120,000 years ago by a double volcanic eruption…

2. Takachiho-jinja

2.94 MILES

About 10 minutes' walk from the bus centre, Takachiho-jinja is dramatically set in a grove of cryptomeria pines, including one that's over 800 years old…

3. Kamishikimi-Kumanoimasu-jinja

14.33 MILES

This gorgeous hilltop shrine and 'power spot' was pretty much left alone until it became the model for the set of the popular 2011 anime film Hotarubi no…

4. Sensui Gorge

18.8 MILES

In mid-May this gorge boasts a dramatic carpet of azalea blooms. Ask at tourist-information offices about trail conditions before setting out. Due to…

5. Naka-dake Crater

19.08 MILES

Naka-dake (1506m) is Aso's active volcano – very active in recent years, with fatal eruptions in 1958 and 1979, and other significant eruptions in 1989,…

6. Aso Volcano Museum

20.63 MILES

This old-school museum has exhibits and dioramas about Aso, volcanos in general and the sometimes fraught relationship locals have with the volcano system…

7. Aso-jinja

20.65 MILES

Dedicated to the 12 gods of the mountain, this shrine, including its revered gate, suffered severe damage in the 2016 earthquakes; photos show the scale…

8. Shiroyama Tembōjō Lookout

21.32 MILES

On the north side of the park, this lookout point is a nice alternative to the more crowded one at Daikanbō.