One of Japan's most intensely spiritual places, Oku-no-in is a memorial hall to Kōbō Daishi surrounded by a vast, forested Buddhist cemetery. The tall cedars and thousands of peaked stone stupas along the stone path can be utterly gripping, especially in swirling mist. Important Japanese Buddhists have had their remains, or at least a lock of hair, interred here to ensure pole position when the Buddha of the Future (Miroku Buddha) comes to earth.

Oku-no-in is easily reached on foot from the town centre, or you can take the bus east to the Ichi-no-hashi-mae bus stop. From here cross the bridge, Ichi-no-hashi, and head into the cemetery. Buses return to the centre of town from the Oku-no-in-mae bus stop (or walk it in about 30 minutes).