Northern Higashiyama

Only open to the public in spring and autumn, Reikan-ji is one of Kyoto’s great lesser-visited attractions. During the spring opening, you will find the grounds positively rioting with camellia. In autumn, the brilliant reds of the maples will dazzle the eye. The small collection of artworks in the main building is almost as good as the colours outside. Check with the Kyoto Tourist Information Center for exact opening dates, as they vary by year.

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1. Hōnen-in

0.24 MILES

Founded in 1680 to honour the priest Hōnen, this is a lovely, secluded temple with carefully raked gardens set back in the woods. The temple buildings…

3. Kurodani Pagoda

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5. Shinnyo-dō

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This temple in a residential area of Northern Higashiyama is a locals-only favourite for quiet contemplation. It's a great spot to see the autumn leaves.

6. Eikan-dō

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Okazaki-jinja is a quaint local shrine located at the far eastern end of Marutamachi-dōri. The rabbit is the spirit animal here and people come to this…