Kyoto, Japan - November 22 2015: Eikando (View of Eternity Hall) Zenrinji (Temple of Forest of Zen), founded in 853, houses a famous Amida statue which a Japanese important Cultural Property
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Perhaps Kyoto’s most famous (and most crowded) autumn-foliage destination, Eikan-dō is a superb temple just a short walk south of the famous Path of Philosophy. Eikan-dō is made interesting by its varied architecture, its gardens and its works of art. It was founded as Zenrin-ji in 855 by the priest Shinshō, but the name was changed to Eikan-dō in the 11th century to honour the philanthropic priest Eikan.

In the Amida-dō hall at the southern end of the complex is a famous statue of Mikaeri Amida Buddha glancing backwards.

From Amida-dō, head north to the end of the curving covered garyūrō (walkway). Change into the sandals provided, then climb the steep steps up the mountainside to the Tahō-tō pagoda, from where there’s a fine view across the city.

For most of November, when the autumn leaves are at their best, the admission fee increases to ¥1000 during the day, and the temple stays open to 9pm for the nighttime illumination (¥600).

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