Downtown Kyoto

Located in a large merchant’s house, this kimono-shop-museum walks visitors through the architecture of a traditional building built in the daibeizukuri style. You can also see the back part of the house that was converted into a Western-style building around the turn of last century (when Japan became fascinated with all things Western), as well as kimonos on display. There is an English brochure available.

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Nearby Downtown Kyoto attractions

1. Rokkaku-dō

0.23 MILES

This tucked-away temple makes for a worthy detour when hitting the boutiques and restaurants downtown. The name refers to its unique hexagonal shape, and…

2. Kyoto International Manga Museum

0.27 MILES

Located in an old elementary school building, this museum is the perfect introduction to the art of manga (Japanese comics). It has 300,000 manga in its…

3. Kaleidoscope Museum of Kyoto

0.32 MILES

This one-room museum is filled with unexpected wonders in a wide variety of kaleidoscopes. Not sure who will enjoy this more, children or the adults…

4. Museum of Kyoto

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This museum is worth visiting if a special exhibition is on (the regular exhibits are not particularly interesting and don’t have much in the way of…

5. Nishiki Market

0.46 MILES

The covered Nishiki Market (Nishiki-kōji Ichiba) is one of Kyoto’s real highlights, especially if you have an interest in cooking and dining. Commonly…

6. Nijō-jō

0.64 MILES

The military might of Japan's great warlord generals, the Tokugawa shoguns, is amply demonstrated by the imposing stone walls and ramparts of their great…

7. Kyoto City Hall


Built in 1927, this imposing building takes up one block on the corner of Kawaramachi-dōri and Oike-dōri.

8. Ponto-chō

0.84 MILES

There are few streets in Asia that rival this narrow pedestrian-only walkway for atmosphere. Not much to look at by day, the street comes alive at night,…