Burwood Beach

Montego Bay & Northwest Coast

This upgraded public beach is popular with locals and cruise-ship passengers alike. It's a sugary-white crescent of sand with calm waters, 2km east of Glistening Waters.

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Nearby Montego Bay & Northwest Coast attractions

1. Glistening Waters

2.05 MILES

Glistening Waters, also known as ‘Luminous Lagoon,’ actually lives up to the hype. Located in an estuary near Rock, 1.6km east of Falmouth, the water here…

2. Phoenix Foundry

3.24 MILES

One of Falmouth's most distinctive buildings, Phoenix Foundry was built in 1810 and sports a strange-looking conical roof. Behind the foundry, guarded by…

3. Tharp House

3.27 MILES

Tharp House sags from age yet is still one of the best examples of an elegant period townhouse. Today housing the tax office, it was formerly the…

4. Albert George Market

3.34 MILES

The market structure on the east side of Water Sq, which dominates central Falmouth, was once the site of slave auctions and now encloses a mediocre…

5. Courthouse

3.34 MILES

One block east of Water Sq is Seaboard St and the grandiose, yellow Georgian courthouse in Palladian style, fronted by a double curling staircase and…

6. Water Square

3.35 MILES

The best place to orient yourself is Water Sq, at the east end of Duke St. Named for an old circular stone reservoir dating from 1798, the square …

7. Barrett House

3.38 MILES

At the top of Market St, opposite Scotiabank, is the ruin of Barrett House, missing its top floor. Built in 1799, it's hard to believe now that this used…

8. Baptist Manse

3.38 MILES

The restored Baptist Manse (not open to visitors), dating back to 1798, was formerly the residence of nonconformist Baptist preacher William Knibb, who…