Giudecca 795

Giudecca, Lido & the Southern Islands

Founded to promote local artists of all kinds, this quirky and welcoming gallery displays (and sells) a wide range of works by both established and young artists, most of whom have a strong connection with Venice itself.

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1. Spazio Punch

0.04 MILES

Nonprofit Spazio Punch has transformed Giudecca's derelict beer factory into an occasional venue for temporary art, design and fashion events, which take…

2. Galleria Michela Rizzo

0.05 MILES

Tucked away in an old industrial complex, this fascinating contemporary-art gallery has long championed local artists, such as Mariateresa Sartori, but it…

3. Chiesa di Sant’Eufemia


Four female saints were venerated in the original AD 890 church here, but Saints Dorothy, Tecla and Erasma weren’t as popular as early Christian martyr…

4. V-A-C Foundation

0.22 MILES

Occupying a large palazzo with views over the Giudecca Canal, this beautiful new space for contemporary art was lovingly restored by the Russian V-A-C…

5. Squero di San Trovaso

0.27 MILES

This wooden cabin on the Rio di San Trovaso looks like a stray ski chalet, but it’s one of Venice's few working squeri (shipyards), with refinished…

6. Chiesa di Santa Maria del Rosario

0.29 MILES

Venetians have long memories, which is why this church is still called I Gesuati by locals despite the namesake religious order having been replaced by…

7. Chiesa di San Sebastiano

0.31 MILES

Antonio Scarpignano’s relatively austere 1508–48 facade creates a sense of false modesty at this neighbourhood church. The interior is adorned with floor…

8. Chiesa di San Raffaele Arcangelo

0.36 MILES

The neighbours called, and they want their grime back: when centuries of accumulated dirt were removed from the stone angels above the portals of…