Museo Diocesano Albani

Adjacent to the Duomo, this museum showcases a modest collection of religious artefacts, vestments and paintings, including Andrea da Bologna’s Madonna del Latte (Madonna Breastfeeding) and a canvas by Giovanni Santi (Raphael’s father).

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1. Duomo

0.01 MILES

Rebuilt in the early 19th century in neoclassical style, the interior of Urbino's duomo commands much greater interest than its austere facade…

2. Casa della Poesia

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Ser around a lovely arcaded courtyard in the Renaissance Palazzo Bonaventura Odasi, this cultural centre hosts everything from art and photography…

4. Oratorio di San Giovanni

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This 14th-century red-brick church features a series of brightly coloured frescoes by Lorenzo and Giacomo Salimbeni. Behind the main altar is a gripping…

5. Casa Natale di Raffaello

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This 15th-century house is where Renaissance artist Raphael was born in 1483 and spent his first 16 years. The museum, which displays copies of many of…

6. Torre Cesta

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Dominating the skyline and offering superb views towards Rimini and the coast, the Cesta castle dates from the 13th century and sits atop 750m Monte…

7. Torre Guaita

17.27 MILES

The oldest and largest of San Marino's castles, Torre Guaita dates from the 11th century. It was still being used as a prison as recently as 1975.

8. Museo di Stato

17.39 MILES

San Marino's best museum by far is the well laid out if disjointed state museum, which displays art, history, furniture and cultural objects.