Aiming to put Mestre on the map, this multimedia museum tells the story of Italy in the 20th century through imaginative interactive exhibits involving film, photography, audio and virtual reality. Spreading across two floors, the exhibit moves mesmerised visitors through distinct spaces dealing with demographics, food, war, politics, crime, popular culture and much more. Although there are no physical artefacts, the displays are cleverly designed and absorbing.

The top floor, meanwhile, is reserved for temporary exhibitions. The inaugural show being a first-class display of Italian photography. It’s also worth stopping in at the excellent M9 Bistro for lunch or aperitivo.

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1. Villa Foscari

4.24 MILES

The most romantic Brenta villa, the Palladio-designed, Unesco-listed Villa Foscari (built 1555–60) got its nickname La Malcontenta from a grande dame of…

2. Schola Spagnola

5.23 MILES

The Ghetto's largest synagogue was founded by Portuguese and Spanish refugees around 1580. Its current grand incarnation, dating from the 17th century,…

3. Schola Levantina

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Sometimes called the Turkish Synagogue, the Schola Levantina was founded in 1541 as the first to serve the Ghetto's Sephardic community. Its renovated…

4. Schola Italiana

5.24 MILES

The wooden cupola of the 1575 Italian Synagogue protrudes above private apartments at the centre of the Ghetto's main square. The Italians were the…

5. Chiesa dei Scalzi

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An unexpected outburst of baroque extravagance, this Longhena-designed church (built 1654–80) has a facade by Giuseppe Sardi that ripples with columns and…

6. The Ghetto

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In medieval times this part of Cannaregio housed a getto (foundry), but it was as the designated Jewish quarter from the 16th to 19th centuries that the…

7. Chiesa di Sant'Alvise

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Don't be fooled by the bare brick exterior of this 1388 church, attached to an Augustinian convent. Inside it's a riot of colour, with extraordinary…

8. Schola Canton

5.26 MILES

The Schola Canton was built c 1531, with gilded rococo interiors added in the 18th century. Though European synagogues typically avoid figurative imagery,…