Central Sicily

One of a series of apartments on one side of the Ambulacro, the triclinium boasts a splendid floor illustration of the labours of Hercules, where the tortured monsters are ensnared by a smirking Odysseus.

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2. Sala delle Dieci Ragazze

0.01 MILES

Just off the southern end of the Ambulacro della Grande Caccia, in the Sala delle Dieci Ragazze, is the villa's most famous mosaic. It depicts nine …

3. Villa Romana del Casale

0.02 MILES

Villa Romana del Casale is sumptuous, even by decadent Roman standards, and is thought to have been the country retreat of Marcus Aurelius Maximianus,…

4. Ambulacro della Grande Caccia

0.03 MILES

This 64m-long corridor is emblazoned with dramatic hunting scenes of tigers, leopards, elephants, antelopes, ostriches and a rhino – animals that the…

5. Peristyle

0.03 MILES

The main part of the villa is centred on the peristyle, a vast covered courtyard lined with amusing animal heads. This is where guests would have been…

6. Basilica

0.04 MILES

After they had been received in the peristyle, guests were led through to the basilica, a building used for public assembly.

7. Main Entrance

0.04 MILES

The villa's main entrance leads through the remnants of a triumphal arch into an elegant atrium (forecourt).

8. Atrium

0.04 MILES

This elegant space functioned as the Roman villa's forecourt.