Santa Marina Salina


Salina's main port, Santa Marina is a typical island settlement with steeply stacked whitewashed houses rising up the hillside. The principal street is Via Risorgimento, a lively pedestrian-only strip lined with cafes and boutiques. It's not a big place, and there are no specific sights, but it makes an ideal base for exploring the rest of the island.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Salina attractions

1. Lingua

1.42 MILES

Three kilometres south of Santa Marina Salina, the tiny village of Lingua is a popular summer hang-out, with a couple of hotels, a few trattorias and a…

2. Museo dell'Emigrazione Eoliana

2.24 MILES

This small museum, tucked behind the church on the main road above Malfa, documents the emigration of thousands of residents from Salina and the other…

3. Malfa

2.37 MILES

Tumbling down the hillside to a small shingle beach, this settlement on Salina's north coast is the island's largest, though you'd never guess it from the…

4. Rinella

2.48 MILES

This tiny hamlet on the south coast is Salina's second port, regularly served by hydrofoils and ferries. Pastel-coloured houses huddle around the…

5. Pollara

3.55 MILES

Don't miss a trip to sleepy Pollara, sandwiched dramatically between the sea and the steep slopes of an extinct volcanic crater on Salina's western edge…

6. Campo Bianco

5.83 MILES

A few kilometres north of the beach at Canneto lies the Campo Bianco quarry, where huge gashes of white rock streak down the green hillside. These are the…

7. Spiaggia della Papesca

6.34 MILES

Below Campo Bianco and the abandoned pumice mines at Porticello, this pebble beach is nicknamed Spiaggia Bianca in reference to the layers of white pumice…

8. Spiaggia di Canneto

6.85 MILES

The nearest beach to Lipari Town, and the most popular swimming spot on the island, is the long, pebbly strip at Canneto, 3km north of town on the other…