Campo Bianco


A few kilometres north of the beach at Canneto lies the Campo Bianco quarry, where huge gashes of white rock streak down the green hillside. These are the result of extensive pumice quarrying, which was an important local industry until 2000, when Unesco called for curtailment of mining operations as a condition for granting World Heritage status to the Aeolians.

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1. Spiaggia della Papesca

0.63 MILES

Below Campo Bianco and the abandoned pumice mines at Porticello, this pebble beach is nicknamed Spiaggia Bianca in reference to the layers of white pumice…

2. Spiaggia di Canneto

1.39 MILES

The nearest beach to Lipari Town, and the most popular swimming spot on the island, is the long, pebbly strip at Canneto, 3km north of town on the other…

3. Citadel

2.95 MILES

After the pirate Barbarossa rampaged through in 1544, murdering most of Lipari's men and enslaving the women, the island's Spanish overlords fortified…

4. Parco Archeologico

2.97 MILES

In the sunken area opposite Lipari's cathedral, you can see the remains of a series of circular huts, the oldest of which date to the 17th century BC…

6. Museo Archeologico Regionale Eoliano

2.98 MILES

A must-see for Mediterranean history buffs, Lipari's archaeological museum has one of Europe's finest collections of ancient finds. Especially worthwhile…

7. Cattedrale di San Bartolomeo

3.01 MILES

A fine example of 17th-century baroque architecture, the Aeolians' 'mother church' was built to replace the 11th-century Norman cathedral destroyed by…