Museo Archeologico Eoliano (Sezione Classica)


Highlights here include finds from Lipari's 11th-century-BC necropolis, including a sizeable collection of burial urns, a staggering array of amphorae salvaged from Aeolian Island shipwrecks, and an unparalleled collection of miniature Greek theatre masks.

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1. Museo Archeologico Regionale Eoliano

A must-see for Mediterranean history buffs, Lipari's archaeological museum has one of Europe's finest collections of ancient finds. Especially worthwhile…

2. Parco Archeologico

0.02 MILES

In the sunken area opposite Lipari's cathedral, you can see the remains of a series of circular huts, the oldest of which date to the 17th century BC…

3. Cattedrale di San Bartolomeo

0.03 MILES

A fine example of 17th-century baroque architecture, the Aeolians' 'mother church' was built to replace the 11th-century Norman cathedral destroyed by…

5. Citadel

0.04 MILES

After the pirate Barbarossa rampaged through in 1544, murdering most of Lipari's men and enslaving the women, the island's Spanish overlords fortified…

8. Town Centre

0.15 MILES

One of Lipari Town's great pleasures is simply wandering its streets, lapping up the laid-back island atmosphere. Lipari's liveliest street is Corso…